What’s The Bathmate X40 Pump?

The Bathmate X40 is the latest edition to the X-Series range of penis pumps. This upgraded version of the original Bathmate series is designed for men who want to increase the size of their penis up to a maximum of 10 inches.

The X40 costs $199 and has been redesigned to address the issues that were present in the original series, such as the foam in the bottom falling off and the pump leaking water.

The new version has a removable comfort sleeve at the bottom and a secure valve on top to prevent leaks. It also has 35% more pumping power than the older models. In addition, the X40 has been designed to be easy to use and has been found to be effective in increasing penis size.

Why does this work?

It is well established that the Bathmate X40 pump can effectively increase the size of the penis. This is due to a couple of reasons.

First, the pumping action of the X40 is similar to a workout for the penis, causing it to expand and stretch. As with any workout, the body will repair and grow after the exercise is completed.

Second, regular use of the X40 can stimulate the process of cell division in the penis, leading to further growth. This process can be seen in action in the video linked below, which shows cells dividing and multiplying.

Overall, the Bathmate X40 is a highly effective tool for increasing penis size.

While not essential, there is a way to speed up the results achieved with the Bathmate X40 pump.

One option is to supplement with type-2 collagen, which can help to fill in the small gaps created in the hydration of the penis when it is expanded by the X40.

This can help the penis to grow faster and achieve results more quickly. While not necessary, this additional step can help users to see even better results with the Bathmate X40. Penis Pump Demonstration Videos


Bathmate X40 Reviews

“This pump is great”

The Bathmate X40 hydro pump has been working better than I thought it would. When it was delivered I took it out of the box and my initial thoughts were that it’s well made and after giving it a try my flopped out looking huge.

My gf was like”woah, why is your d*ck looking so large?”

It seemed like I had 3 legs lol.

I found that by the next day I was back to normal and then I used it again and got the same results.

I find that if I use this pump and see how big it gets my d*ck that I get really horny and because I have been using the Bathmate X40 me and my gf have been doing it 3 times a day sometimes.

I just get so big and hard all the time and I’m finding that I last longer too.

I have tried pumps before but they have never worked like this. This is crazy!

I’ve had it for a month and I also think I am beginning to make some permanent gains too because I stopped using it for a few days last week while I had to take a trip and I I think I’m about half an inch larger.

Now I’m considering following the routine to see if I can acquire a permanent inch or 2.

At the moment, I’m at 6.9 so I may attempt to get to 8-9.

What else can I say other than if you want a larger d*ck then get this pump.