Penis Pump Before And After Pictures

Here is a before and after picture of using the Bathmate Hydromax consistently:


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What’s The Bathmate X40 Pump?

The X40 is a part of this new X-Series range that’s the new and upgraded version of the first Bathmate series. Penis Pump Before And After Pictures

It costs $199 and is for men who want to grow up to a maximum on 10 inches.

The problem with the originals was that the foam at the base used to fall off that exposed the tough plastic which kind of made the pump impossible to utilize.

The old pumps also utilised to leak water while you’re using them so the Bathmate firm came out with the new X-Series which completely solved the old problems.

The new version now has a comfort sleeve at the bottom that’s removable and not just stuck on and the valve on top can now be secured so that it will not leak water.

They also redesigned the soft plastic in the bottom that makes the X-Series pumps easier to pump out water and in doing so the new pumps have 35 percent more pumping power.

If you’ve read my full Bathmate review then you’ll know that I had great results with it.

After using it extensively I’ve not managed to locate a single problem with its design.


Why does it work?

There’s no denying that the Bathmate X40 pump increases the size of your but the question is why?
Well there is a couple of reasons;

First, if you know anything about bodybuilding then you’ll know that after a workout your body gets to work repairing itself which causes growth.

When you pump up youryou’re expanding it and stretching which is like a work out to your

After your work, out your will grow and repair.

Second, if you do so regularly a process of cell-division will happen. When you stretch your the cells inside it is going to begin to expand and then divide and multiply that means growth.

You can watch a mobile actually dividing and forming new cells in the video below!

Extraordinary right? Penis Pump Before And After Pictures

This video is well worth a watch too.

Third, what I am going to recommend is not totally necessary but it is going to help accelerate your results.

I suggest that you supplement with type-2 collagen.

A lot of what your is made up of is collagen and when you extend and expand your with the Bathmate X40 this creates little gaps in the hydration.

When you supplement with hydration it will help fill in those little gaps so your will grow faster.

It is not necessary but it is going to help you to get results faster.

So that’s exactly what the pump does and how it works, let’s move onto some of these reviews. Penis Pump Before And After Pictures


Bathmate X40 Reviews

“This pump is great”

The Bathmate X40 hydro pump has been working better than I thought it would. When it was delivered I took it from the box and my first thoughts were that it is well made and after giving it a try my flopped out looking enormous.

My gf was like”woah, why is your d*ck looking so large?”

It seemed like I had 3 legs lol.

I discovered that by the following day I was back to normal and then I used it again and got the same results.

I find that when I use this pump and see how big it gets my d*ck that I get really horny and since I have been using the Bathmate X40 me and my gf have been doing it 3 times a day sometimes.

I just get so big and hard all the time and I am discovering that I last longer too.

I have tried pumps before but they’ve never worked like this. This is crazy!

I have had it for a month and I also think I am beginning to make some permanent gains too because I stopped using it for a few days last week while I had to take a trip and I I think I’m about half an inch larger.

Now I am considering following the routine to see if I could gain a permanent inch or 2.

Right now, I am at 6.9 so I may attempt to get to 8-9.

What else can I say other than if you want a bigger d*ck then get this pump.

Harry Penis Pump Before And After Pictures


“From 5.5 inches to a little over 8 inches”

I purchased the Bathmate X40 pump knowing nothing about enlargement or if it was even possible but I’ve always been unhappy with the size of my and as one man I have a good deal of free evenings so I decided to follow Todd’s system he shares his website and I also bought the jelq device and a few hydration.

I use the pump, then jelq just like it says to do in the routine and I honestly couldn’t believe it when I used the pump for the first time since my just looked really big even when it was soft.

I think using the pump first is wonderful for jelqing because when it came time to jelq there was a lot of d*ck to work with thanks to the pump.

I received my Bathmate X40 over a year ago now and it is still in good shape and I’ve had zero problems with it.

I’ve also gained over 2.5 inches in length and a few wonderful thickness too and I’m sure it’s permanent because initially my results used to fade when I awakened in the morning but now that does not happen.

My life has improved BIG time Too. It might sound dumb but as my d*ck has grown so has my confidence and much more confidence means more women.

I went from getting laid once in a blue moon to what seems like a new girl every week so life is good!

Oh yeah and I get compliments all the time on how big my Once I get a woman in bed.

In a year I went from 5.5 inches to a little over 8 inches and the girls seem to love it!

Teddy Penis Pump Before And After Pictures